Will from $99 (including GST)

Will from $99 (including GST)

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Let us save you time, money and give you peace of mind, when we draft your Will” 
Will from $99 (including GST)
Redline legal, a boutique legal firm situated in Paramatta, Sydney NSW, is now offering to prepare your last Will in testament “Will” for only $99 including GST. While there are do-it-yourself Will kits available, it is much safer to get a lawyer to customize your Will to your needs.

Why have a Will?
It is known that 50% of Australians die “intestate” each year so don’t make this be you. A “Will” is designed to make it legally binding that your last wishes are taken care of by the appointed executor/s you chose. 

What happens if you do not have a Will?
Dying without a Will can cause delays, complications and extra costs. If you don’t have a “Will” when you die, you are classed as to have died “intestate”. This does not mean the Government takes your assets as many think, it means that your assets and monies are divided to a surviving spouse or family member through a court appointed public trustee using a legal formula. Costs such as funeral costs, administration fees and liabilities will be paid first before anyone can touch anything left by the deceased. 

  • How often should my Will be revised or updated?
  • You can change your Will anytime. Some common examples where you may want to update your Will include:
  • Separation or divorce
  • Getting married
  • Welcoming new born into your family
  • The executor named in the Will having become ill, or does not want the responsibility or has died.
  • A beneficiary named in the Will dies.
  • Death of spouse or partner
  • Retirement is often a perfect time for estate planning and updating your Will
  • Buying and selling existing assets.

Where Should I Store my Will:?
It is important to keep your original Will in a safe place. You can keep it in places such as safety deposit box in a bank, or in a safe place at home. Let someone you can trust know where you have stored you Will or leave a note explaining where your original Will is stored. It is no good having a Will if it can not be located. If a Will can not be located, the Court will assume that there was no Will.

Can my Will be challenged?
There is not a straight Yes or No answer to this. A Will can be challenged if it was found to be not valid or certain family members can challenge as well. In saying that, having your Will made by a lawyer will lessen the chances of contesting a Will.